About Us

Likhaan: lik-ha-an (noun)

Likhaan means “a place to create in” and it is a word from the Filipino language of the Philippines.

As a brand, this name pays homage to our roots, as well as embodies our core mission of creating a safe place that fosters creativity and empowers creators of all kinds.

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Combining Art, Opportunities, & Education
Since 2022

What We Do

We connect Filipino creators and through our marketplace, their world-class products are made available to a network of worldwide buyers.

Why We Do It

In today’s digital age, a lot of Filipino creators get little to no recognition, which further restricts them from bigger connections, exposures, and opportunities.

Beyond this, there are also various practices that are gradually becoming a vanishing heritage especially with the prevalent underappreciation of Philippine arts.

We want to change this narrative and help the creators as well as the art industry thrive — not only locally but also internationally.

How We Do It

To bridge Filipino art to the world stage, we provide sustainable support, access to skill-building programs & powerful eCommerce tools.

Red Couch

Our Story

Our platform was first conceptualized by one of our founders, Isis Umali, who had a profound vision for the arts that gradually materialized during the conversations she had with her father on a red couch in their home.

With a newfound passion for fostering untapped talents, she envisioned a creative space in which creators of all ages and backgrounds can sustainably create, earn, as well as inspire.

Along with our co-founder, Aileen Adalid, who had a shared mission and vision, the two of them launched Likhaan together with the best team possible as a way to answer the problems that plague today’s art scene. 

Our Mission

To build a global home that empowers emerging and extraordinary creators of all kinds.

We are committed to elevating the art industry. Through our platform, we aim to enable creators (designers, makers, and suppliers) to easily thrive in local and international markets by providing powerful tools, programs, and support.

Our Vision

A world where all creators thrive.

To be the top-of-mind platform for creators and art buyers worldwide. As a known global authority, it is with our help that creators can create a sustainable livelihood, retain control of their work, and establish meaningful connections for years and beyond.

Our Services

“Where creativity meets opportunities”

Premium Shopping Experience

Along with safe payment processes, we have simple yet robust eCommerce tools that make it easy to discover and buy artworks online.

Global Shipping & Fulfillment

Through our reliable courier partners, we handle all aspects of local and international shipping, as well as customs for a hassle-free delivery on all orders.

Art Education & Creator Empowerment

In order to further elevate the art industry, we provide a range of services and programs to educate and enrich the lives of creators, as well as everyone else.

For Creators

We are committed to investing in our creators’ careers so that they can grow and succeed in their field of expertise. We do this by providing the following:

  • Dedicated management team
  • Likhaan Artzine (blog and magazine) exposures
  • Social media and newsletter promotions
  • Online and offline marketing campaigns
  • Inclusion in proposals to our private & corporate clients
  • Public relations with global galleries and organizations
  • Creator workshops, seminars, and events
Artist Support
Art Shopping

For Buyers

Not only are we committed in providing the best shopping experience, but also in bridging the gap between the art industry and the general public.


  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Likhaan Artzine (blog and magazine) knowledge articles
  • Art events, fairs, and seminars

    Our Team

    Likhaan Team

    Isis Umali

    Isis Umali

    CEO and Founder

      Aileen Adalid

      Aileen Adalid

      CMO and Founder

      Ian Fulgar

      Ian Fulgar

      Board of Director

      Adi Amor

      Adi Amor

      Chief Operations Officer

        Seaver Choy

        Seaver Choy

        Chief Technology Officer