About Likhaan

A safe space for all artists — both big and small


Our platform was first conceptualized by one of our founders, Isis Umali, who had a profound vision that gradually materialized during the conversations that she had with her father on a red couch in their home. With a newfound passion for fostering the extraordinary, she envisioned a space wherein people of all ages and backgrounds can have total freedom to tell their stories, to create, as well as to inspire.

In 2021, Red Couch Co. was established in the Philippines by Isis along with our two other founders, Aileen Adalid and Pauline Saquilayan. Through a shared mission and vision, the three of them launched Likhaan as a way to answer the problems that plague today’s art scene.



A single mom and multi-passionate creator who has a keen eye for extraordinary people.

Isis also believes in the power of technology and the superpowers of the heART that encompass authenticity, creativity, connection, kindness, and love. Combining these two can change people, and also the world and she’s on a journey to achieve that.

As such, she has also been involved in emerging platforms namely LYKA Global, TaranaPH, and Buyani.


After years of working in the corporate scene, Aileen dived into the digital world of entrepreneurship and gained a wealth of experience in content writing, web design, ecommerce, and digital marketing. Today, she leads Likhaan’s growth strategies for online and offline advertising, communications, as well as marketing.

When she’s not hard at work forming brand strategies, you can find her exploring the world as the award-winning travel writer behind the website iAmAileen.com.



We also reinvest our profits to help give them as much exposure possible. Some of the many ways that we help promote our Likhaan artists online and offline are as follows:

  • ArtZine blog features and interviews
  • Social media and newsletter promotions
  • Paid onlline and offline advertising
  • Public relations with art galleries and organizations worldwide