Our Story

Our platform was first conceptualized by one of our founders, Isis Umali, who had a profound vision that gradually materialized during the conversations that she had with her father on a red couch in their home. With a newfound passion for fostering the extraordinary, she envisioned a space wherein people of all ages and backgrounds can have total freedom to tell their stories, to create, as well as to inspire.

In 2021, Red Couch Co. was established in the Philippines by Isis along with our two other founders, Aileen Adalid and Pauline Saquilayan. Through a shared mission and vision, the three of them launched Likhaan as a way to answer the problems that plague today’s art scene.


To build a global home that empowers extraordinary and emerging talents.

We are committed to elevating the art industry by putting artists first. Through continuous education, innovation, and support, our platform strives to connect all artists to a meaningful community of buyers worldwide, while providing powerful tools that will help them start and grow a successful business.


A world without struggling artists.

To be the world’s leading art platform wherein a thriving community of art creators, buyers, and organizations are closely interconnected. As a known global authority, our online marketplace and support will help create sustainable livelihoods for all artists, whereas our engaging content and narratives will help shape the art industry for years and beyond.


The Meaning of ‘Likhaan’

\ lik-ha-an \ (noun)

Likhaan means “a place to create in” and it is a word from the Filipino language of the Philippines.

As a brand, this name pays homage to our roots, as well as embodies our core mission of creating a place that fosters creativity and empowers artists of all kinds.