FEdCenter and Likhaan Partner to Empower Filipino Creators and Drive 17-82-1 Initiative

FEdCenter and Likhaan Partner to Empower Filipino Creators and Drive 17-82-1 Initiative

Manila, Philippines, May 31, 2024 — The Finance Education Center (FEdCenter) and Likhaan have taken a significant step towards empowering Filipino creators (artists, makers, suppliers) through a newly formalized collaboration with a flagship initiative titled "17-82-1". The partnership was solidified with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the Philippine Innovation Hub today.


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About the Collaboration & the 17-82-1 Campaign

Despite its rich cultural heritage, the Philippine arts industry faces significant challenges due to its fragmented nature. There is no prominent platform for discovering Filipino arts and crafts, leading to many creators, especially those in rural areas, being overlooked and unsupported.

Efforts to promote Filipino arts have been made, but much remains to be done. Existing platforms and initiatives have limited reach and often fail to provide comprehensive identification and support to creators.

FEDCenter and Likhaan have recently formalized their collaboration to address this exact issue. The primary objective of this partnership is to unite creators across the Philippines under the 17-82-1 campaign — 17 regions, 82 provinces, 1 nation/platform. Through this initiative, both organizations aim to digitize Filipino creators, creating a comprehensive and accessible database, digitalize the Philippine art industry, and enhance financial literacy and skills development within individuals and organizations. 



To aggregate and empower Filipino creators across the 17 regions and 82 provinces of the Philippines by leveraging digital platforms and educational programs. Our mission is to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage and creativity of the Philippines, providing sustainable opportunities for growth, visibility, and financial literacy to artists, craftsmen, and art suppliers.

We envision a digitally connected and globally recognized community of Filipino creators where their talents and cultural heritage are celebrated and supported. Through the 17-82-1 initiative, we aim to transform the Philippine art industry into a cohesive and thriving ecosystem that fosters innovation, collaboration, and economic prosperity for all Filipino creators.


The MOU was signed by Mr. Marc Kristian Gulle, CEO & Co-founder of FEdCenter, and Ms. Jeanne Paulette Umali, CEO & Co-founder of Likhaan.


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About FEdCenter

FEdCenter is dedicated to providing global-standard skills and training to enhance the competitiveness of individuals and organizations. This partnership with Likhaan will allow them to extend their reach and support to talented Filipino individuals, empowering them with the necessary skills, financial literacy, and resources to thrive in today's digital age.


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About Likhaan

Likhaan is the go-to platform for discovering Filipino creators from all over the world, whilst enabling effortless buying and selling of their handmade creations on a global scale.

We aim to uplift the Philippine art scene, offering sustainable opportunities for every Filipino creator. Our global platform showcases their talents, empowers them, and connects them with buyers worldwide.

FedCenter & Likhaan Collaboration
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