Fundacion Sanso and Likhaan's Inaugural Art Talk Explores Copyright Protection in the Visual Arts

Fundacion Sanso and Likhaan's Inaugural Art Talk Explores Copyright Protection in the Visual Arts

Fundacion Sanso, in collaboration with Likhaan, hosted a free Art Talk on September 23 from 2-4pm, inviting artists and creative practitioners to engage in a dialogue on fair use, appropriation, adaptation, homage, and copyright issues in visual arts.

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The Art Talk

In an era where protecting creative works and rights has become increasingly challenging, the event aimed to shed light on copyright laws and how artists can safeguard their creations. Atty. Marnie Tonson and artist Feanne Mauricio led the discussion, providing insights into navigating copyright infringements and protecting original works.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from Feanne Mauricio, an acclaimed artist and surface pattern designer known for her maximalist designs featuring Philippine flora and fauna. Mauricio shared her personal experience dealing with a fashion brand that copied her original artwork, offering valuable strategies for artists facing similar challenges.

Atty. Marnie Tonson, a legal expert with a background in law and mass communication from the University of the Philippines, brought his extensive experience in copyright law to the discussion. With a career spanning roles at the Supreme Court, the Philippine Senate, and GMA Network, Tonson provided invaluable insights into legal aspects of copyright protection in the visual arts.

The event was held at Fundacion Sanso and provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of copyright issues in the visual arts, empowering them to protect their creative works effectively.

Art Talk: Filipino Artists for Copyright
Art Talk: Filipino Artists for Copyright
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Founded by the esteemed Filipino-Spanish artist Juvenal Sanso in 1991, Fundacion Sanso serves as a dynamic hub for artistic appreciation and cultural enrichment. Located in San Juan, Metro Manila, the foundation hosts a variety of exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs aimed at engaging diverse audiences and fostering a deeper understanding of art. Through collaborations with local and international partners, Fundacion Sanso remains committed to promoting artistic dialogue and nurturing emerging talents in the Philippines.

Feanne Mauricio is a renowned artist and surface pattern designer celebrated for her vibrant designs inspired by Philippine nature. With a diverse portfolio of collaborations and projects, Mauricio brings a unique perspective to the discussion of copyright protection in the visual arts.

Atty. Marnie Tonson is a distinguished legal professional with expertise in various legal domains, including copyright law. With a passion for promoting intellectual property rights, Tonson has contributed significantly to legal discourse in the Philippines and beyond.

Art Talk: Copyright Issues on Art

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