POPISM: Likhaan's First Collaborative Art Exhibit

POPISM: Likhaan's First Collaborative Art Exhibit

Imahica Art Gallery ( October 21, 2023) – In a remarkable collaboration between Imahica Art, a prominent independent gallery for contemporary art, and Likhaan, "POPISM: A Celebration of Pop Art" emerged as a vibrant celebration of one of the most enduring art movements in history.

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Pop art, originating in the mid-20th century, has left an indelible mark on art and culture, maintaining its influence throughout the years. Today, "POPISM" stands as a testament to how this movement thrives, drawing inspiration from the current cultural landscape and harnessing the dynamic creativity of the Philippines' arts scene.

This exhibition aims to illuminate the continually evolving world of pop art, demonstrating its enduring ability to inspire and shape contemporary artistic expression. To capture this spirit, a curated selection of local contemporary talent, both emerging and established, came together to present their works — and each of their pieces offered fresh narratives and unique insights, inviting viewers to embark on an exploration of this captivating and ever-evolving art form.

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The Grand Opening and its Ongoing Display Until November 10

Kris Abrigo: Mural for Imahica Art Gallery
Mural nstallation art by Kris Abrigo, titled "New Perspectives of No Future" made with elastomeric paint, aerosol, epoxy, lights, ropes, and cords.

Curated by Isis Umali, co-founder and CEO of Likhaan, POPISM goes beyond being a mere collection of artworks; it's an immersive experience that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. This curation serves as a compelling reminder that wonder exists in our everyday lives, with the extraordinary often concealed within the ordinary — and this vision is brilliantly brought to life by a talented roster of artists namely: Alyssa Bartoline, Christian Tamondong, Kiefer Indiongco, Kimmy Mamaril, Kris Abrigo, Mark Gil Berenguela, Megs Empinado, NODE75, Rafa Labuntog and Raymond Ty.

That said, whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or just starting your art journey, POPISM promises to enchant, enlighten, and deepen your connection to the iconic art form. This exhibition will leave you spellbound as you explore visionary works that breathe new life into the heart of pop art.

"POPISM: A Celebration of Pop Art" remains open to the public at Imahica Art Gallery until November 10, providing an extraordinary opportunity to witness the enduring influence of pop art and the contemporary talent continuously reshaping it.

Meanwhile, the exhibition's opening last October 21 was a phenomenal success, graced by prominent attendees such as Chinkee Tan, an author, business coach and collector; Gino Cruz, Media Manager for H&M's SEA regions; James Deakin, a Filipino-British television and events host, and an editor contributing to CNN Philippines and Philippine Tatler, among many others.

As visitors strolled through the exhibition, smiles were a common sight, emanating from the delightful collision of the ordinary and extraordinary. The pop art collection took art enthusiasts on a vibrant journey through abstract art, introducing playful elements like toy aliens and stormtroopers.

The culmination was truly a cosmic realm where aliens and robots embark on adventures aboard cosmic bikes — so don't miss this extraordinary artistic experience at Imahica Art Gallery!

Kiefer Kiefsix Indiongco

Art Toys PH

Art Gallery

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About Imahica Art Gallery

Imahica Art Gallery is an independent venue for contemporary art in the Philippines. They promote both emerging and established artists, producing exhibitions, off-site projects, residencies, and educational opportunities. These programs offer diverse experiences, pushing the boundaries of contemporary visual arts.

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