Artisan Women of Tondo

Channel Bag

Fashioned by the Artisan Women of Tondo, buying this custom shoulder bag empowers 17 women in the Tondo community and supports fair labor practices. As an inspiring collective, these artisans skillfully craft chic, eco-friendly bags using quality raw materials like pull tabs, embodying their dedication to both style and sustainability.

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Ruby Thursday Craft Love

Lucine Embroidered Necklace

This hand-embroidered necklace draws inspiration from abstract patterns and our rich Philippine heritage. With intricate embroidery on both sides, each unique piece is like owning two necklaces in one. A creation by Ruby Thursday of Thursday CraftLove, her journey from photojournalism to full-time embroidery reflects her deep-rooted passion for craftsmanship and creativity.

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Sesotunawa : HerStory

K'lung Udi Beaded Shield Earrings

Meticulously handcrafted, this piece features intricate beading and the traditional k'lung design, embodying the strength and resilience of Tboli women. Crafted by Sesotunawa, a community of T'boli artisans known for their mastery of Tau Temwel (brass casting) and Temool Lemimet (beading), each creation celebrates cultural heritage and artistic excellence.

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BaO Candles: Coconut

BaO Candle

Made of pure beeswax, this 3-wick scented candle is delicately poured into coconut shells sourced from the Philippines. Handcrafted by self-taught artisan Jonina Rae, BaO embodies her vision of offering authentic Filipino products while enabling people to create their own safe space.

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Lokal Bayong

Carmencita Clutch Bag

Elevate your style with this elegant bag, expertly crafted from premium polypropylene plastic woven in the traditional 'bayong' style. From Lokal Bayong, led by Angelyn Saliva, this brand not only showcases Filipino artistry but also uplifts local weaving artisans and educates future generations about our rich cultural heritage.

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